Chapter 5: The chase

This is the fifth Chapter of “An elusive hero”.  Here are the first parts of the story:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4


Instinctively, I rolled off the bed onto the floor cutting my right thigh and left foot. I grimaced in pain before noticing that these were the only injuries I had sustained during the blast. All of the exploding glass shards had missed me. Lying down, I had been fortunate to escape a direct, life-threatening hit. I was still processing the pain in my mind when Laurenar and the two guards stormed into my room. With his entrance, I came to my senses again. Smoke was creeping into the room through the window openings while shouts and screams filled the dark night now only illuminated by the moon. Laurenar’s dark armor made him almost invisible in the darkness, only his tall blade shimmering in the low light. His look was full of steely determination and he wore a faint smile. It was as if he had only been waiting for something to happen.

“Get out!” He shouted before running towards the window openings and jumping through them.

Feeling the urge to find out what was going on, I ignored his command. Hastily I pulled the leather breastplate over my head and forced myself into the padded pants. Suddenly a soothing voice appeared, surprising me.

“You should follow his commands, you know?”

Seraphina was standing at the doorstep, wearing the crimson-and-white robes resembling the ones I had seen in my dream. She crossed my room to the window and motioned me to come closer. I could hear shouting noises close-by and I hobbled towards her. The sorceress eyed me with a look of concern. With a flick of her hand, the air before me began to simmer like the surface of a street on a hot summer day. We looked out of the window.

“Watch them closely.” She motioned towards the courtyard below.

In the video game, the courtyard in the middle of the Lion’s den was a beautiful garden filled with trees, hedges and flowers. The emphasis is on was.  All that remained of the stonemasons artistic work was a crater with a diameter of around five meters slowly filling up with water. Across the courtyard on the left edge of this developing lake, Laurenar and the two guards were chasing a hooded figure running over the narrow pathways.

The enemy was quick on his feet and the guards struggled to keep up with the pace. Despite his heavy armor, Laurenar moved swiftly and proved himself to be astonishingly agile. Seeing the knight catching up on him, the hooded figure jumped on a set of barrels by the wall and catapulted himself elegantly to a window ledge on the first floor. He then moved towards the side of the palace overlooking the wild sea. The knight continued his pursuit on the ground level by sprinting to an apple tree uprooted through the explosion. He was able to use the tree as a ladder to the second floor, where he followed the fugitives example by jumping from ledge to ledge.

The hooded figure had moved along the first floor to another tree barely standing. With the help of one of the higher branches he swung to the second floor. He paused for a moment and we finally got a closer look at him. His clothing was similar to my new garb. He was wearing a grey breastplate which seemed to be made of leather and padded pants in a slightly darker shade of grey. Strapped across his back was a large crossbow. His mouth was covered with a red mask. But despite this mask and his hood, it was his dark grey cape which caught the eye. It seemed odd for him to use a cape as he relied on speed and agility. The figure’s moves were graceful and fluid, leading us to believe that this wasn’t his first dance across window sills and rooftops.

Laurenar on the other hand owned none of his counterpart’s grace, but his athleticism allowed him to catch up. He trailed his target by three windows. They were now jumping and leaping on the ledges of the wing exactly opposite of where Seraphina and I were watching on. Laurenar was continuing to make up valuable ground on the hooded figure. Just as the knight was confident of getting a hold of the suspect with one more giant leap, the figure suddenly turned around. This change of direction caught Laurenar off guard. With an abrupt downward motion of both of his hands, it was as if birds had descended from the sky to carry him towards the moon. He was levitating calmly upwards to the roof accompanied by the cool spring winds. His cape was now helpful, acting as his personal sail soaring in the breeze. Upon noticing this turn of events, Laurenar lunged forward, attempting to grab a hold of his feet. But the knight was too late. He missed and lost his own footing, which sent him tumbling down towards the ground. Laurenar proved to be as lucky as I had been, landing in the newly appeared pool of water. For an instant, he struggled to stay afloat in his heavy armor before the two guards finally reached him to help him up.

In the mean time, the hooded figure had landed on the roof of the back wing. And beyond the wall lay the wild sea, its ferocious waves slamming against the palace and city. The figure now stood there, catching his breath. We had our eyes locked on his appearance. Seraphina had reacted to the levitation spell with a gasp of surprise and shock. Now she was concentrating fully on the figure looking for a hint that would give his identity away. Facing the water and horizon, the shadow of the figure throned above the hole he had created.

Unexpectedly, he turned around. In one controlled movement he pulled his crossbow from his back and fired an accurate shot in our direction.

Then he jumped.


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