Summer Sports events in Switzerland

I’m still going through finals as I had my first exams last week and still have a few lined up this and next week. Unfortunately this leaves me with little time for writing. I hope to be able to write more starting next week, but until then, my posts will be a bit shorter than normal.

On Saturday, one of the biggest sporting events in Switzerland started: The Tour de Suisse. On the same day, the Swiss football team took another step towards qualifying for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil with a hard-earned 1-0 win against Cyprus. Inspired by these two events I’d like to highlight the most important sports events in Switzerland in the next few months.

Tour de Suisse

The one-week cycling tour around the whole country is among the most important preparation events for the illustrous Tour de France starting in July. Today, the tross is travelling through the canton Fribourg to Meiringen, the site of the famous Sherlock Holmes museum. Other destinations this week include Meilen on a leg which will pass through my hometown of Zollikon, and Flumserberg.

For a more thorough write-up of the Tour de Suisse, please check out this blog post on “A humorous guide to Switzerland“!

Eidgenössisches Schwingfest Burgdorf

The end of August will bring one of the unique Swiss sports into the spotlight: “Schwingen”. Probably best translated as Swiss wrestling, the highlight of every “Schwingers” career are the national championships held every three years. This year, the Schwingfest is held in Burgdorf, a few kilometres from the village I grew up in. Unfortunately, all 4’000 tickets were sold out in record time. But if you want to catch a glimpse of a traditional Swiss sport, you should tune in on the between August 30 and September 1.

Tennis Suisse Open Gstaad

Surrounded by the Bernese Alps in a little valley, Gstaad has always been one of the most famous resorts in Switzerland with stars such as Roger Moore spending their winter months in the little town. Between July 20 and 28, right after the famous tournament in Wimbledon, some of the best tennis players in the world will meet in the beautiful mountain ressort of Gstaad. The fan favorite will probably be Stan Wawrinka, the second-best Swiss player who should be the number one seed at this year’s tourney.  Gstaad is worth a visit in summer with numerous hiking paths inviting visitors to explore the hilly surroundings. The tournament provides tennis fans with a great occasion to visit the Bernese Oberland.

Start of the Swiss Football Championship

Football only takes off one month. The highest tier of Swiss football is set to return to action at the end of July. Teams in the division are located in Aarau, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Sion, Thun and Zurich. Until the start of the next season, many village teams hold their annual fun tournaments open to amateurs and registered players alike. These tournaments are the key to survival to many of the clubs who provide a hobby for thousands of kids around Switzerland. So if the weather permits I can only recommend you support your local team! Another treat for football fans are the international top teams using the excellent Swiss infrastructure to prepare for their domestic championships. Among the teams this year are Borussia Dortmund, this years Champions League runner-up and former German champion VFL Wolfsburg.
So these are the sporting events in summer I can recommend looking into. Feel free to add other recommended events in the comments below!

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