Start summer with a blast at these festivals

This is my twentieth post! How fast time has passed. Luckily, this post is the last one in finals season. The next few weeks, I should have more time to invest in writing and I hope I can provide more high quality content for you. So to start off the week, I want to thank everyone reading for the last few weeks and keeping me at it. I’m always grateful for any feedback by e-mail or on Twitter!

As I talked about museums two weeks ago and sports last week, I’ll have a look at the various festivals going on the next few weeks. I don’t understand that much about music so I’ll just leave you with a brief overview over the open-airs going on in Switzerland. Everyone has their personal preference regarding music and our little country offers something for every style. Among the great acts performing in Switzerland are Macklemore (St. Gallen, June 27-30), The Wu-Tang Clan (Frauenfeld, July 12-14), and Prince (Montreux Jazz, July 5 to 20). So I can only recommend to check out the websites of the different open-air festivals and find the one which suits your taste in music best. Personally, I’ve only visited the Gurten and Frauenfeld open-airs, which I both enjoyed at the time. Some of the open-airs are not only renowned for the musical geniuses performing, but also for their unique locations. The one festival that comes on my mind is the Gurten Festival on the hill overlooking the capital of Bern. After a refreshing thirty minute hike to the hilltop, you’re treated to fantastic music set against the magnificent view of the city and alps.

The one feast I’m looking forward to most is the Züri Fäscht, which takes place in Zurich from July 5 to 7. The city, normally buzzing from the sound cars of tramways, will then be taken over by festival guests celebrating life. According to their website, over two million visitors will visit Zurich on one of the three days to take part in the festivities including a giant fair and many concerts by stars and unknown artists alike. However, the undeniable highlight of the party are the magnificent fireworks on Friday and Saturday evening, which will turn night to day with the alps as its background and the lake as its canvas. The pyrotechnics are sensational. In my opinion, many fireworks look similar to each other, but the last one at Züri Fäscht 2010 definitely set the gold standards rendering the one I’ve seen since then rather dull. The festival takes place along the waterfront of the lake and river Limmat. Public transport will be available all night long. But if you plan on meeting up with your friends, try to fix a time and place beforehand as the cell phone network around Zurich wasn’t prepared to handle the masses three years ago. The Züri Fäscht is only once every three years, so definitely don’t miss out on it this year!

Starting on the same day as the Züri Fäscht, but lasting a whole week until July 13 is the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival. The eleven-year old event focuses on fantastic cinema. Their website describes films which transcend normal reality and the laws of nature as fantastic films. This allows them to show movies from sci-fi blockbusters to mythical auteur films. I’ve haven’t visited the festival yet, but according to his personal website, George R. R Martin had announced his participation on his personal website. Unfortunately the event has been removed from his schedule in the mean time. With the official programme coming out on June 19, fantasy and sci-fi fans can hopefully still look forward to some interesting events and movies in Neuchatel.

So, there you have a quick overview over the summer festivities coming up in July you can check out. Please let me know if you have any recommendations to add in the comments below!

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