Zurich from above

The weather in Switzerland has been brilliant for the last 10 days with no clouds to be seen in the sky and temperatures in the high twenties. Of course, I took this opportunity to catch as much sun as possible relaxing at the lake or in one of many riverside cafés in the Old Town of Zurich. So if you’re looking for a short city-break, now is definitely the time to visit Switzerland’s largest city.

On Saturday, I was also able to see the city from a different angle as I visited a friend with access to a rooftop terrace. In New York City, rooftop bars are popular nightlife destinations. The hotel my friend and I stayed in also had a bar taking us a bit closer to the huge skyscrapers of the midtown business district. So naturally, I was delighted to get the chance to see Zurich’s premier entertainment road, the Langstrasse, from above.

2013-07-13 19.14.03

We saw quite a few rooftops filled with people enjoying the beautiful evening. But if you don’t have access to a private rooftop, there are a few possibilities to experience Zurich from above.

Switzerland as a land-locked country doesn’t have access to the sea, so in recent years the concept of bringing the beach to the city has been very popular. Last year, there were bars called City Beach in locations in Bern, Basel and Zurich. I visited one of them last year and was impressed by the laid-back atmosphere and carefully curated interior design. With patches of sand and pools scattered across the roof of a parking garage, the city beach brought a bit of a Mediterranean vibe to Zurich. However, the original owners of the bars were not able to continue their concept this year. So the City Beach was replaced with the Cocoa Beach in Zurich. I haven’t visited the new bar yet and the reviews on Yelp have been mixed so far. You can check out the pictures on their website or stop by to form your own opinion about the place. The view from the 9th floor wasn’t great, but the bar is located in the up-and-coming Zurich West district with a lot of modern industrial complexes surrounding it.

If you’re looking for a stunning view of Zurich from above, my favorite place to go is the Clouds on the 35th floor of the Prime Tower. The Prime Tower is the only skyscraper in Zurich and one of the newest attractions in the city. It houses the offices of various important firms, such as Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young and Homburger. Besides the Clouds, the Hotel Rivington & Sons Bar can be found on the ground floor, which is popular due to its fantastic NYC-inspired interior design.

The Clouds is split into a restaurant and a bistro/bar. My friends and I always found some space to sit when we visited. For the restaurant, you should definitely get a reservation as it is fully booked almost every evening. The bar on the other hand is popular, but not crowded. My friends and I have always been lucky enough to find a seat when we were there. It is not as expensive as one would expect, but it isn’t cheap either. Then again, almost nothing in Zurich is. The main draw of the bar is the fantastic view of the city. While you might also have a similar view from the Dolder Grand Hotel, the Clouds is unparalleled in the inner city. Unfortunately, there is no terrace, so you cannot go outside, which is the only major disadvantage of the bar. To start out your evening or to wind down from a busy day, the Clouds is a great spot to choose. Personally, I loved the view at night with the bright lights flickering, the streets below emptying and the commuter trains passing with clockwork precision.

Not much other news at the moment as I’m getting back into the normal rhythm of writing. I hope you enjoyed and please like, share and subscribe!

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