Chapter 11: The Statue

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We were inching closer to the island. The sound of fighting was slowly fading away. Not only had we brought quite the distance between the Crimson Crocodile and us, but it also seemed like the pirates had finally gained the upper hand and conquered the ship. Laurenar and Seraphina didn’t flinch. My eyes glanced nervously towards the vessel that had carried us so far, but the two of them were solely focused on getting us to the island.

The island before us was small, with the beautiful Silver Lighthouse sitting atop a hundred feet high cliff. Its structure was perfectly cylindrical and as its name said, the walls were shimmering in the midday sun, giving the building the impression of being silver. But the most spectacular feature was the huge bonfire on the flat roof, which seemed to be of magical nature. That way, the lighthouse resembled a giant candle.

“We will have to circle the Island. There’s no way up from the water right below the lighthouse.” Seraphina remarked after surveying the surroundings of the Lighthouse.

The waves were getting wilder and wilder and I was having problems keeping up with Laurenar’s rowing rhythm. He didn’t seem to notice and just made sure we kept moving at an acceptable speed. I began to wonder what would be waiting for us on the island, feeling more and more out of my depth. A few days ago I was a soon-to-be college kid, now I was running away from pirates to ensure the future of an unknown magical world.

We caught our first break of the day when the waves seemed to push us towards the island, but thankfully not towards the deadly cliffs, but past them, where a small beach came into view. The white sand stretched for a strip of around half a mile, giving us an ideal landing spot for our little boat. Laurenar started to row faster and I did my best to follow his lead, determined to make the best out of my situation. Seraphina’s eyes were scanning the beach and its perimeter for enemies, but it seemed to be empty. Behind the beach, the cliffs started to rise to the top, denying us a straightforward hike to the lighthouse.

“I can see two caves behind the beach, both entrances seem to be close to each other.” the sorceress said as we approached land. “Something seems to be guarding it.”

Laurenar and I turned our heads toward the beach and looked to see what she meant. Standing in front of two perfectly round cave entrances we were surprised to discover a statue. The statue was sculpted out of sandstone and depicted a knight in a full plate armor similar in build, but less ornamented than Laurenars. The visor of its helmet was shut firmly closed and the statue seemed to be slightly leaning on the massive, real two-handed greatsword. The tip of the sword was firmly planted into the granite ground.

We took the last strides before landing and Seraphina gracefully hopped out of the boat leaving it to Laurenar and me to push the boat on land. We pushed in as far inward as possible to avoid losing our path back to the mainland during high tide.

“Who do you think made the statue?” I asked him curiously.

“I have no idea.” He answered in his typical, no-nonsense manner while we caught up with Seraphina, who was peering into the two entrances. However, the caves were engulfed in complete darkness so they did not give away a hint of which entrance we needn’t to take

We now stood right in front of the statue, which was even more impressive up close. It was only slightly shorter than Laurenar and taller than me. And while the armor was ornamented, one could see the craftsmanship that had went into the sculpting with the meticulous details such as the grill of the visor and the bolts of the studded gloves. The sword was a work of beauty as well: I caught Laurenar admiring its long, perfectly weighted blade with the perfectly wrapped leather hilt. But it was neither of us who touched the statue first, but Seraphina, who a finger in the middle of the chest of the statue.

The statue suddenly sprang to life, hurling its sword out of the ground and holding it high above its head, ready to bring it down on the three of us. Then, a muffled voice was heard through the still firmly shut visor: “Who seeks entrance?”


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