Taking a break in Zurich

I hope all of you had a great weekend and were able to celebrate our national holiday accordingly! I spent my 1st of August at Lake Zurich, relaxing and playing sports with my group of friends before having a fun game night (even though we lost). The sun is shining as we enter the last weeks of the summer holiday season. Zurich has been considerably quieter the last few days, with most people taking their well deserved breaks. If you’re back from your holiday or are looking for the best spots to relax in the city, you should check out some of the following spots.

A popular choice to hang out with a group is the Rentenwiese, located near the Swiss Life (formerly Rentenanstalt, hence the name) building and about 5 minutes from the Bürkliplatz and the Bahnhof Enge. The Rentenwiese would probably be described as a park in other cities as it offers a huge lawn, enough trees to provide shade and most importantly, direct access to the lake. In summer, you’ll see the lawn full of young people enjoying their free time in the sun. It’s counterpart on the other lake shore is the Chinawiese near the Chinese gardens, also a very popular place for summer activities. Both lawns have enough space to be used to play soccer, frisbee or football. Just be sure to bring home your litter!

After you’ve spent the day at the lake, two of the most popular summer bars are the Rimini and Frau Gerold’s Garden. The Rimini lies near Bahnhof Selnau and is an outdoor bar located in the Männerbadi (men’s swimming pool). The swimming pool turns into a bar at night, making it a heavily frequented spot among the white-collar workers in the financial district around the Paradeplatz. The bar is somewhat hidden, which provides it with a unique atmosphere. On beautiful nights, it tends to get a bit crowded, so if you’re looking for a quiet place, it might not be the place to go. Frau Gerold’s Garden on the other hand is just by the Bahnhof Hardbrücke and is another popular after work bar. The compound has more to offer than just a restaurant and bar: it is home to an urban garden and to shops for local artists and designers. With its relaxed atmosphere and mixed crowd, it’s a great place to start an unforgettable night out in Zurich. For more impressions of the two places, check out their website at fraugerold.ch and rimini.ch (both in German).

These are just some of the places I’ve been spending my summer days and nights at. Zurich is full of fascinating places to spend your time and to recharge your batteries. Where do you like to hang out and which places would you recommend to check out during the summer break? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

I hope to update this post with some photos soon, but until then, check out the official ones on their respective websites!

Sincerely yours,

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