Chapter 14: The Silver Lighthouse

You can find chapters 1 to 13 here.

We looked back over the prism and couldn’t quite believe what just had happened.

“Well done.” Laurenar said dryly, while Seraphina just smiled at me quietly. I sighed in relief; glad the magical bridge had prevented us from tumbling down to sure death. The Silver Lighthouse was only a few steps away and we were unsure what would await us now. The whole journey had been far more adventurous than expected. My eyes wandered towards the sea, eager to find out if I could see the Crimson Crocodile and the pirates that had attacked us earlier. However, no ship was to be seen around. Seraphina placed her hand on my shoulder. “We should probably get going.”

I nodded absentmindedly, thinking of Captain Drake and his crew, who had fought for Queen Sophia and us. Thinking of the queen, I wondered how she had handled the fire, which had engulfed the capital just as we were leaving. In the mean time, Laurenar had surveyed our surroundings. He had seen a few different paths that all lead to the plateau the lighthouse and we were standing on. The other options the statues had told us about.

“I didn’t see anyone else on the way up here, but the Island is probably much bigger than we thought.”

We continued on the short road leading to entrance, finally getting a good look at the lighthouse. Its silver coating reflected the sunlight and made it appear larger than life. The door of the building however was crafted out of hard stone. I never was an expert at geology, but it looked to be similar to granite. A huge bronze ring invited us to politely knock and seek entry. Seraphina took the responsibility and knocked three times, while I observed anxiously and Laurenar stood there stoically. After the third knock, the door opened by an invisible hand.

We stepped into a spacious, circular room. But strangely, it was empty. A spiral wooden staircase would lead us to the top. Looking up, we saw a maze of wooden stairs intertwined with floors. Tentatively, Laurenar climbed up the first steps, unsure if they were enchanted as well. When nothing happened, Seraphina and I followed suit. On the first floor, we only found a wooden table and four chairs set up for dinner. We continued on without giving it much more thought. Looking to the ceiling, it seemed as if we would have to climb four more floors until the top. I hoped we would find some answers to our questions. This journey started to feel very tiring. As we ascended further, Laurenar became more and more uncomfortable, clutching the rails of the stairs tighter and tighter.

I could see his relief when we reached the second floor, which seemed to be a recreational room. Four cushioned armchairs surrounded a coffee table with a full set of tea ready. Again, we moved by effortlessly, continuing up the stairs. Still, nobody was in sight. The only sounds around were the rustling of Laurenar’s heavy armor and the occasional creaking of the staircase. We quickly moved on to the third floor.

There, the only items we found were a suspiciously empty bookcase and a carpet with an elegant red and black pattern. Seraphina stared at the pattern for a moment and seemed to know it from somewhere.

“Do you know where it’s from?”

“It’s an ancient magical pattern. Academy records have shown it’s meaning to be unrecoverable from older scrolls and books.”

“So, we don’t what it is?”

She shook her head and we made our way to the fourth floor. Laurenar was now moving slower than ever, but I began to walk behind him. A brief nod acknowledged his gratitude. On the next platform, we could look on the way we had taken up, but there was still no one to be seen or heard. In the middle of the little plateau, we found a desk with a heavy guestbook and ink on it.

Seraphina wasted no time and opened the book. It immediately jumped to a specific page and didn’t budge when she tried to move it back or forward. She then took the quill and signed the books with “Servants of Queen Sophia.”

The rooftop room seemed closer than ever and Laurenar was also happy that we would finally have stone beneath us again. We raced up the last steps to enter a large circular chamber. On the side, a little ladder led up to the roof and bonfire, which provided the light for the ships on the sea. When the three of us stepped into the room, we found a tall, slim man with round spectacles standing in the middle. He was wearing flowing white robes matching his shoulder-long white hair and held a staff quietly in his hands. I thought he looked exactly how I would imagine a wizard to look like. An instant later, the figure vanished into thin air. Instead a short and round human appeared. His robes had transformed into a crisp white shirt and surprisingly well-tailored pants. The spectacles and the shoulder-long hair had remained, but the coiffure now was pitch black.

“Good day to you, Servants of Queen Sophia. Ask your questions and they will be answered.”


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