Prologue: An Excerpt

This week, chapter 15 of “An Elusive Hero” was scheduled to be released. However, I’m not yet satisfied with what I wrote this week and need extra time to edit the chapter so it fits with the overall narrative of my story. I’m very sorry to postpone the next chapter to next Friday! In the mean time, you can catch up with the first 14 chapters on this page.

But since I don’t want to break the chain, I’ve decided to post a scene from another story I’m writing at the moment. It’s only the beginning, but I’m always grateful for any kind of feedback!


Everyone always says that people should reach for the stars in our future; aspire to be astronauts, athletes or accountants. And some already knew exactly which path they would walk down. Go to a prestigious university, study business, law or engineering, go abroad for a semester, get an internship at a multinational, graduate with honors, work for a year, get a masters degree, enter the good life. For Alex, the situation wasn’t as clear. He had no idea where his path would lead him. At the moment, the young man was enjoying a carefree night in a little village on the famed gold coast of Zurich, Switzerland. The gold coast got its name due to its sun-soaked location, but detractors also like to pinpoint the absurdly high number of millionaires living in the suburbs of the financial center of Switzerland. Alex and his friends had all grown up on these shores; some of them were just normal average kids, while some had grown up to be little spoiled brats. Or maybe they were always brats, but only started to show it with the age.

On this particular evening they were celebrating the end of their high school careers. His whole class had gathered on this majestic lawn, surrounding a hastily and dangerously built bonfire for one last night of careless fun. After this night, each of them would leave our common path to embark on his or her own personal journey to happiness. Some of the guys were going to start their military service; the brightest prodigy was on her way to Harvard, while others had chosen the easy way of enrolling at the nearby University of Zurich.

His three best friends Dino, Chris and Matt were sitting next to Alex, passing around an awful mix of cheap whiskey and cola, loudly discussing the latest season of Premier League football. Chris was an avid Manchester United fan, Matt supported Chelsea and Dino shared Alex’s ill-fated love for Arsenal London, which he had inherited from his father. He loved all forms of sports, but had to give up most of aspirations after tearing his ACL during a recreational league game at age 16. The knee hadn’t felt the same after. Luckily, he had been able to keep his slim and athletic build.

He lay on the grass, staring up at the stars and trying hard to shut out all outside noise. Maybe the stars would predict which way he needed to go next. A tiny red light moved steadily through the bright white spots and Alex followed it with his eyes. At first, he thought it was a shooting star, sent to this exact moment to fulfill all of his many wishes. But soon enough, he noticed it was one of the airplanes passing over the country.

Alex sighed quietly and closed his eyes. The stars wouldn’t fulfill his dreams, but little did he know that the answer to all his questions had just stepped off a flight to nearby Zurich airport.


I hope you enjoyed this little prologue. Sorry again for not being able to deliver on chapter 15. Please like, share and subscribe and of course have a great weekend!

Sincerely yours,


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