Staying Indoors in Switzerland (Part 1)

The coming weekend is filled with fantastic events in Switzerland. In Zurich, music fans can listen to fantastic acts such as the Arctic Monkeys, the XX or Ellie Goulding at the local
open-air festival. Supporters of the traditional Swiss wrestling sports will gather in Burgdorf near Bern to watch a new national champion be crowned. Luckily for them, the weather seems to be looking up just in time after temperatures have dropped in
the last days. On the other hand, getting tickets for the two events will be either difficult or very pricey. But these events also slowly mark the end of summer of coming, so the focus of my blog posts will shift to discussing more indoor in the next months. 

If you’ve followed my other posts on this site, you might know that some of my greatest interests are books, movies and games of all kind, so I try to find a balance between invigorating night outs and introspective quiet evenings at home. So here are some
suggestions for indoor activities in Switzerland in the next few months.

Watch a hockey game

I’m not particularly interested in hockey (though it’s cool my adopted hometown team SC Bern won last years championship), but the atmosphere at hockey stadiums in Switzerland is often better than at football games. The stadiums are mostly packed or even sold out,
with fans of away teams often travelling the short distncess with their respective teams. Even though it takes time to get used to the fast-paced sport, an evening at a stadium is a great way to see some of the enthusiasm of Swiss sports fans and get a taste of local rivalries. Interesting games to watch are the games between the ZSC Lions (Zurich) and Davos, Bern and Fribourg or Ambri and Lugano, which often draw sell-out crowds and are intense contest thanks to their shared history. Hockey season resumes September 12.

Eat a traditional Fondue or Raclette

In the Romandie, having Fondue or Raclette is a pleasure all year around. In the German-speaking part of country, the Suisse Allemands prefer to enjoy their cheese in the
colder months. The two dishes are perfect to be enjoyed in groups in the comfort of a warm restaurant or dining room. Combined with a good white wine or some excellent tea, they’re the perfect introduction to Swiss cuisine and obviously a can’t miss activity
for visitors and new residents alike. In Zurich, great fondues can be found at the restaurants “Le Dezaley” and “Walliserstube”, while I prefer to enjoy raclette at home or at a friend’s place. Just be sure to make sure you don’t lose your bread in the pot, as you’ll
owe the table a bottle of wine or a kiss.

Visit a Castle

One of the great pleasures during my childhood visits to Switzerland was to explore some of the medieval castles scattered all over the country with my parents. Many
castles are well-preserved and cover a wide range of styles. The Kyburg near Winterthur is more of a fort with fascinating medieval weaponry on display, while the Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva is stunning with its unique location right on the lake. Additionally, many smaller cities like Thun, Murten or Lenzburg have castles open for the public focusing on their history or defensive roles. These castles are great places to start a journey to medieval Switzerland. I hope to show you some of the castles in more detail in a future post, as I plan to revisit some of these places in the near future.

So, these are some of my tips for cold days or days you’d just rather stay somewhere with a roof over your head. More tips to follow next Monday with part 2!

Have a great start to the week. Sincerely yours,

1 thought on “Staying Indoors in Switzerland (Part 1)

  1. Hey Albi, it’s your Manang Lala. Catching a bit of a break between work and an association meetig to read your blog posts.

    I miss raclette! It’s probably been close to twenty years since I last had it. I wonder if there is a decent Swiss restaurant in Toronto.

    My co-worker will be vacationing in Greece and Switzerland later this fall, how I envy her! I just started dabbling in photography, it would be great to take photos of all the lovely medieval castles you describe.

    Check out my blog, I’ve been posting a lot of photos from various festivals and events this summer, but as with you I will be shifing my focus to indoor activities soon.

    Chuss. (Or is that a German thing?)

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