Staying Indoors in Switzerland (Part 2)

Like I said last week, this weekend was highlighted by two large events in Switzerland: the Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest and the Zurich Open-Air. Both events proved to be huge hits with friends of mine raving about the musical acts at the festival and the great atmosphere at the arena in Burgdorf. The Bernese Wrestler Matthias Sempach won all of his eight fights and now is considered to be the only king in Switzerland, the Schwingerkönig.

The two events had the wonderful fortune of beautiful, sunny weather and mild temperatures as summer is prolonging its stay in the country. After horrible weather in June, this is a welcome sight. Nonetheless, I want to follow my post from last week with three more great activities to do when the sun seeks its refuge behind clouds once more.

Go to a Pubquiz

One of my favorite activities to lighten up the beginning of the week is to relax at the Oliver Twist Pub in Zurich on Mondays and participate in their weekly Pubquiz. Beginning at 8 p.m, a usually charming host asks a total of 50 questions over five rounds for groups seated in the pub to answer.  One some nights, up to 20 teams are vying for the prize of a reduced bar tab. It’s a great way to prove your knowledge of pop culture and recent events. I’ve only been a guest at the Oliver Twist, but I’m certain other pubs in Switzerland also offer these quiz nights for interested parties. One benefit at the Oliver Twist is that it is held entirely in English. Sometimes it also coincides with Monday Night Premier League Football, adding another reason to go for my group of friends and I.

Relax at a Spa

Spas are known to be great sources of relaxation and Zurich has a few great spots to offer. Oprah Winfrey, while critical of Zurich’s boutiques, tweeted her love of the Spa at the Dolder Grand Hotel. For anyone, who can’t venture lightheartedly to the premier five-star hotel of the city, there are many interesting alternatives around. The spa in the Hürlimann Areal offers a thermal bath on a rooftop (which isn’t technically indoors, true), giving you a great view of the city while you try to relax and let your mind wander. The Asia Spa near Sihl City not only offers a large fitness studio, but also multiple saunas and a hammam. Various indoor swimming pools also have amenities such as whirlpools allowing you to enjoy some relaxation after a swimming workout.

Visit the Federal Palace of Switzerland

The impressive Federal Palace of Switzerland lies in city center of Bern and is a very interesting place to visit. It offers immensely popular guided tours (group tours are sold out until December 2013), which are free of charge. It not only gives visitors an insight into the complicated workings of Swiss politics, but shows you excellent paintings and sculptures from esteemed Swiss artists.. When parliament is in session (four times a year), you will be able to watch the often multilingual debates by taking a seat on the visitor’s gallery. Exact dates and procedures can be found on the official website.

I hope you’ve now gotten some ideas of what to do when the shorter and colder days force you to stay inside! Please like, share and subscribe, I really appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

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