Sweet Spots at the University of Zurich

With the new university semester taking shape and almost a month old, I’m spending more time at its wonderful halls of learning. After talking to my friends and asking them for ideas on what to write about, they kindly gave me the idea to write about my favorite spots at the University. Should you ever visit the city of Zurich, the university (and the neighboring Technical institute) is one of the most impressive structures to admire. The main building was built in 1914 and therefore is almost 100 years old.

The centerpiece and one of the hubs of student life is the Lichthof (which can be translated into “light court”), a large, spacious and bright atrium. Thanks to an impressive glass roof, this atrium is extremely bright at all times, keeping students from noticing the incoming darkness and light. According to one of my friends, it has also been the place of unspeakable tragedy, as one worker once fell through the roof and met his end on the marble floor of the university. However, it remains unclear if this story is real or just one of the many urban legends surrounding the school. The Lichthof is the most frequented meeting and hangout spot for students from all subjects thanks to its perfect location.
Adorned with carvings from Greek mythology and a headless statue of a Greek Goddess, it also offers impressive art to admire. The eye-catcher however is the famous “Blue Bed”, which was placed in honor of the first female law student at the university.
The Lichthof is the best place to take in the atmosphere of the university while enjoying a beverage of your choice, before heading up to my favorite study spot at the campus: The tower.

The tower of the university is home to a various number of rooms:  a den to sleep and relax, the language learning center, a computer room and the university staff restaurant. I prefer to study from the elevated heights of the university because of the view it offers.

2013-09-30 16.01.21My terrible photography skills and the grey autumn weather don’t do the view any justice. On a sunny and clear day, visitors can see the Uetliberg and the lake from the rooms in the tower. It offers a welcome break during the long study days right before exam time. Originally, a model of the university depicts the building to own two towers, but those plans never materialized. So the tower stands tall on its own.

In summer, I often leave the central campus to travel to the Irchel campus, about 10 minutes away from the main building. The campus, which is the home of the medical students and other laboratory-based subjects, lies in the heart of one of the biggest parks of Zurich, the Irchelpark. At it’s center is the pond, which invites visitors to take a break and enjoy the scenery. A trail around the park makes the location very popular among runners, while a football field and tennis courts offer other recreational possibilities. From April to September, I spend many of my breaks relaxing at the campus, even though I don’t have any classes there.

Should you plan on checking out the university campus in Zurich, these are definitely my favorite places to be. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Hope you have a great week!

Sincerely yours,


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