Cheese Fondue in Zurich

It’s November and temperatures have dropped all around in Switzerland. Winter truly is coming to Europe. And with winter comes the best time to indulge in one of the favorite Swiss dishes: Cheese Fondue.

For a comprehensive list of places to get fondue, you can either consult or the various Zurich tourism websites, but today I’ll take a look at my three favorite Fondue restaurants.

Le Dezaley

The “Le Dezaley” is a restaurant best known for its Cheese Fondue. In close location to the famous Grossmünster, the place is cozy and very inviting for you and your group of friends. It is a a “restaurant vaudois”, which means it does not only serve Fondue, but also specialties from the canton of Vaud. The fondue is based on a old family recipe and is my favorite of the ones I’ve tried in Zurich.


From one French-speaking canton to the next: The “Walliserstube”, which lies in close proximity to the main station, serves fondue based on an recipe from the canton of Valais.
This restaurant seemed smaller to me than the Le Dezaley and due to its location, it’s difficult to find seating without a prior reservation. For non-cheese lovers, you’ll again find your fair share of local specialties on the menu.

Swiss Chuchi Hotel Adler

The tourist option on my list is the Swiss Chuchi restaurant of the Hotel Adler, which serves all kinds of Swiss specialties not based on a certain canton. The restaurant, situated in heart of the Old Town in the Niederdörfli, is a very safe option. The fondue is not spectacular, but very solid and a perfect introduction into Swiss cuisine. Their menu is filled with other Swiss classics in case the fondue is not to your liking.

All options cost about 30.- per person and fondue. Sometime bread costs extra, but normally it is included. Fondue is best accompanied by a glass of Swiss white wine and all restaurants offer a fairly diverse wine list for you to choose from.

If you have any other recommendations or had different experiences in the places mentioned, please let me know!

Have a great week!

Sincerely yours,

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