Chapter 29: Power

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I stared at the ball of light sitting idly in my palms. The sphere glowed happily, now emitting a soft, warm light – a contrast from the cold, dim radiance from before. My hands felt warm. For a moment, I was unsure of how to proceed.

Outside, the guards had stopped talking. My cell and surroundings had become totally quiet. The ball of light didn’t move anymore, but I was scared of attracting any kind of attention. Unsure of what to do with it, I kept in my hands for a few minutes. I wondered, if it would ignite or become warmer and if it was possible to use it as some kind of weapon. And of course, I thought about how I had managed to make it float into my hands.

Having the sphere in my hands was a new feeling for me. For the first time since arriving in Illusio I had done something extraordinary (at least that was what I thought it was) without any help. My thoughts moved to the moments before the ball of light had started descending. I had chosen the light the night before and then, my wish had come true.

The guards outside had started discussing something again. I couldn’t be bothered to listen in on their conversation this time.

“Go up.” I whispered, hopeful it would follow my command.

And it did.

The sphere of light floated into the air and hovered in front of my face as if it was expectantly awaiting further orders. I felt a rush of power surge through my body, pushing away all feelings of desperation and despair I had been harboring just minutes ago. Suddenly, my cell seemed a lot larger than before.

“Shine brighter.” I tried out another command and again, the globe followed suit.

It shone brighter and brighter until it was almost blinding me and I need to avert my eyes.


The sphere returned to its previous level of glow and warmth. I started to pace around the room and was surprised to see the light follow me with subtle movements of its own.
But one thing I wasn’t sure about, was I commanding the sphere or was I really commanding the light inside?

“Shut down.” I said.

My cell went dark immediately and I was disappointed. It seemed as if I only had power over this special device to capture light. The Chosen One had made a bunch of them and was able to use them for effect. My eyes got used to the darkness quickly as I’d been confined to it a bunch of times during the last days. But unlike before, the darkness was not complete. In my tiny cell, I could see a tiny spark levitate through the air, trying to be invisible. The light hadn’t been constricted by any kind of material, but it was also impossible to shut down completely. Before thinking of how my captor had achieved the darkness in his throne room, I wished for the light to glow at a natural level again.

Immediately, the ball grew in size until it reached its comfort zone. A huge grin had appeared on my face. Even though I didn’t know how to use the light as a weapon, I finally had power over something.

“Divide yourself.” I murmured.

The light shivered for a second and then split evenly in two. Both balls of light now were smaller, more of the size of a golfball. I again told them to shut down. This time, one of the balls vanished. The other however, turned into the tiny spark I had experienced before.

“That’s how he did it.” I whispered excitedly.

The Chosen One had split the light into a magnitude of spheres and then shut them down with one word. Only a tiny spark remained, which could’ve been easily confined by a cloak or another piece of cloth.

I smiled to myself and stared at the spark hovering obediently before my eyes. This time, I didn’t say my command loudly. Instead, I kept my focus on the light and tried to manipulate it with my thoughts alone. I concentrated and imagined the spark growing larger and larger until it reached the beach ball size I was aiming for.

Nothing happened. I wasn’t discouraged and tried again, this time settling for the size of a football.

Again, no reaction from the spark followed. I sighed for a second and thought that talking to it would be good enough. But I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. In my mind, the image of a globe of light the size of a golfball took shape. I tried to give it as much detail as possible, thinking of its brightness, radiation and warmth. And slowly, very slowly, the spark started glowing more brightly and growing in size. It became warmer and warmer before settling in the minuscule size of a golf ball.

At the same time, I felt myself become extremely exhausted. I was still elated by my surprising success, but unable to keep myself on my feet. I collapsed on to my makeshift bed, trying not to make too much of noise and turned on my back to look at my mind’s creation. Panting heavenly, I told it to rise to the ceiling and continue to illuminate my cell as it had before.

I closed my eyes, slowly catching my breath and happily fell into a deep, dreamless sleep almost immediately.


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