An Elusive Hero in 2013 (Recap)

As 2013 ends tomorrow, I’d like to wrap up the year with a short review of my posts this year.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has followed and read my posts since I started writing on “An Elusive Hero” in March. The feedback and support I’ve received has been invaluable for me to improve. Wednesday will look forward to the plans for 2014. But until then, let’s recap some of the most interesting posts from this year.

The heart of my blog is my fantasy story “An Elusive Hero”, which now spans about 30’000 words and 29 chapters. It follows the story of a hero who gets launched into the world of Illusio and sets out on a journey to save the kingdom from an usurper. Posts were published (almost) every Friday with breaks for editing in between.

Monday was all about the country I live in – Switzerland. I wrote small primers about the education and political system of the country intended for anyone unfamiliar with the unique aspects Switzerland offers.

For visitors of the country, you can find articles about the beautiful old town of Zurich, the main attraction of the capital and a brief introduction to the Swiss railway system. More posts exist, including tips for museums, staying indoors and cheese fondue.

But Switzerland wasn’t the only place I wrote about. After my summer vacation, New York city takes center stage in posts about the Rockefeller Center, MoMA and Central Park.

Wednesdays were dedicated to anything that had captured my attention that given week. Since reading is one of my most important hobbies, you can find book recommendations for Summer, August and Autumn.

My new YouTube Channel is all about books, so please have a look at my first video and subscribe to stay updated!

Another lengthy series focused on video games, more specifally Massive Multiplayer Online Games. Four articles describe my favorite genre – ranging from experiences and wish list to the recent developments and roleplaying in general.

In more thoughtful pieces, I also wrote in length about what I’ve learned from playing video games and examined the connection between the various forms of entertainment.

All in all, “An Elusive Hero” is the home to 104 posts in three categories. Again, thank you very much for reading! If you’re stopping by for the first time, feel free to revisit my older posts and don’t forget to share, like and subscribe!

I wish all of you a great ending to 2013 and a fantastic start to 2014.

Sincerely yours,



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