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Welcome to “An Elusive Hero”!

My name is Albert and I’m a 27 year old Swiss-Filipino living in the suburbs of the beautiful Swiss city of Zurich. Thanks to the job of my father, I’m grateful to have lived in various countries such as Bulgaria, Singapore, Switzerland and Germany.

After finishing high school in Bern and spending a gap year fulfilling my military obligations, I began studying at the ETH Zurich before enrolling in the business course at the University of Zurich. The dream of a high-flying career and financial independence became the driving force behind my studies.  I completed my course in 2.5 years to leave university early  and took on an entry-level position at a big consulting and audit company.

The corporate world had its fair share of surprises for me, and unfortunately, they were not at all pleasant. The path I was wandering down was deeply unrewarding and unfulfilling. The year at a corporate conglomerate showed me that time is most important resource I own and that I should make the most of mine on this world.

I’m passionate about volunteering and can definitely say I’ve done most of my meaningful work for free. I worked for the Zurich chapter of AIESEC, an organisation trying to promote cultural exchange and taking on leadership among today’s youth. Developing myself and others in the capacity as head of talent management has been one of the most rewarding times of my life.

Another aspect of my volunteering is the coaching I do for my local football club. The sport has been another great passion of my life, even though I never managed to play on a high level. The friendships I formed chasing a ball will stay with me forever. I profited from great coaches who put in a lot of time and taught me to be active and healthy. Doing the same for a new generation of players has proven to be a source of great happiness and joy.

I’ve spoken about writing and books in general on many of the blog posts floating around on my site. As you can tell, I care deeply about writing. It gives me the ability to escape reality and create new worlds of my own. This blog is a perfect opportunity to improve my skills and to build the habit of writing.

After writing on a diverse mix of topics for a year, I’ve decided to narrow the focus of “An Elusive Hero” to be focused completely on Fiction Writing. You can find more about me and my other projects on my website at albertgubler.com.

I’m open to any inquiries about writing guest posts or collaborating on any online projects. Just let me know!

Thank you very much for reading and following. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and you can get in touch with me by e-mail or on Twitter.

Sincerely yours,


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