Guess who’s back

Guess who’s back, back again! It’s been over six months since I’ve last written something for one of my own sites – I’ve blogged over at (Book Club), at (Football Club) and at (Work… Club?!), but not on one of my various properties around the internet. But today, I really felt like I wanted to write, even though I don’t really know about what.

What better time to resurrect my old personal blog, on which my last post describes my budding infatuation for Doctor Who, which has blossomed into a steady relationship with the twelfth incarnation of its titular character. The BBC show has become one of only three series where I feel the need to catch up with every episode immediately (Sherlock and Game of Thrones being the other two). I can only recommend anyone to watch the fantastic 9th season of Doctor Who, which has to be my favorite in years thanks to the stellar acting by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and their guest stars like the incredible Maisie Williams. If you like Fantasy, Sci-Fi and good television, you should start watching this show.

Another show to watch? Master of None, the new Netflix show by Aziz Ansari – one of the funniest and realest shows I know. It’s fast-paced, smart, diverse and really captures the “zeitgeist” of modern day life for us spoiled twenty-somethings. It’s also made me want to start watching Parks & Recreation to see more of the great Mr. Ansari.

Well, my urge for writing has been stilled for the time being, but there is one more thing for you to watch – this aftermovie of Sziget 2015, one of the best music festivals in the world, gives you a glimpse of how I spent one incredible week this summer.

Until I write again (which may or may not be in 2015), as always, I remain

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Merry Christmas!

Dear readers and friends,

I wish all of you a merry Christmas! May the Holidays find you in good health and spirits.

Back on Friday with Chapter 29 of “An Elusive Hero“.

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Switzerland’s Winter Wonderland

It’s finally December and with the last month of the year, winter holds the country in an even stronger grasp than normal. I don’t care for snow and/or the alps, but for most people, it is the best time to leave behind the towns and villages in the lowland for some relaxation and fun among the mountains. So in today’s post, we’ll have a brief look at the three regions most commonly associated with skiing, snowboarding and being a winter wonderland.

Bernese Oberland

An hour away of the capital, Bern, lies the spectacular and beautiful Bernese Oberland. At the foot of the Bernese Alps lie the two sister lakes, the Lake Thun and the Lake Brienz, connecting by the river Aar. The Oberland offers a variety of beautiful alpine resorts. Grindelwald is famous for its breathtaking view of the menacing north wall of the Eiger, a mountain that has claimed its fair share of mountaineers. Wengen, home of the yearly Lauberhorn ski race, offers the opportunity to glide in the path of the professionals, while even James Bond enjoyed his stay in the nearby Mürren.


South of the Bernese Oberland lies the beautiful, bilingual canton of Valais. Zermatt lies at the foot of Switzerland’s most iconic mountain, the Matterhorn. Leukerbad is famous for his thermal baths, which make even the coldest of winters more bearable. Thanks to the NEAT initiative, the canton is much more accessible than before and can be reached by travelling through the Bernese Oberland. The canton is also home to Crans-Montana, a resort popular due to its yearly golf tournament and Switzerland’s highest mountain, the Dufourspitze.


Grisons is about one-and-a-half hours away from Zurich and offers a variety of idyllic mountain retreats. December is a great time to visit Davos before it is taken over by business magnates and politicians during the Global Economic Forum. The Spengler Cup right after Christmas offers entertainment and low-level hockey action. St. Moritz is famed among the rich and famous, but the towns around it are quieter and prettier. Have a lookout for Samedan, Pontresina or Sils Maria. The whole Engadin valley is beautiful and secluded, but well worth the trip.

But if you’re more interested in getting away from the snow and the cold, a trip to the Ticino might be more to your liking. That, however, is a story for another day.A

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Why Coming-of-Age Movies are the Best

On Monday, I saw “The Way, Way Back” at the Zurich Film Festival. The well-made and entertaining movie reminded me once again of why the genre of “Coming-of-Age” movies is my favorite.

According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, the term “Coming of Age” can refer to a young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood. This places the main protagonists of these movies in the age bracket between 15 and 25. In today’s post I’d like to highlight some of my favorite movies in the genre and show why I love this particular group of films.

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