Three wonderful everyday Train Routes

A few weeks ago, I gave an introduction to Train Travel in Switzerland and announced that I would be talking about some of the most iconic train trips in the country. However, due to the start of the university semester and other commitments, my time to take on extended scenic journeys is somewhat limited. On the other hand, there have been a few beautiful routes I’ve taken while working in the financial sector. Of course, these are not famous trips like the Golden Express or Bernina Express, but everyday routes taking by students, tourists, businesspeople and retirees alike.

Bern – Geneva

The train ride from Zurich to Bern only takes an hour, but also leads to a large number of tunnels. Continuing from Bern on to Geneva however is probably my favorite high-speed route in Switzerland. Between Bern and Fribourg the landscape is full of forests and green hills, with smaller towns lining up nicely along the way. But the highlight of the journey awaits after Fribourg, when the train exits a tunnel and enters the Région lémanique. As the train weaves it’s way through the vineyards of Canton Vaud, you’re treated to a beautiful view of the Lac Léman. The train then continues all the way along the coast through the city of Lausanne to Geneva.

Biel – Yverdon

Another beautiful route along one of the many lakes in Switzerland lies between Biel and Yverdon. The train first follows the borders of Lake Biel before reaching Lake Neuchatel. It offers a comprehensive view of St. Peters Island, the peninsula where the famous philosoph Jean-Jacques Roussau spent the happiest days of his life. Along the shore there are a many tiny, idylic old-fashioned villages  and the charming city of Neuchatel to explore during the journey.

Bern – Interlaken (-Brig)

The last route on today’s list is the fifty minute ride between the capital and the famous city Interlaken. The route extends all the way to Brig, but the last part of the journey is spent mostly in the darkness of the Lötschberg tunnel, which considerably cut the time of reaching the Canton of Valais. On the way to Interlaken along the shore of Lake Thun you’ll see some of the best views the region of Bern can offer. You pass the towns of Spiez and Thun and end in Interlaken, one of the most famous tourist places in Switzerland. But the defining part of the trip is the view of the majestic Alps, which can be seen throughout the whole journey and make the trip a particularly beautiful ride.

These wonderful “normal” routes are a big reason of why I prefer train travel to car travel. I hope you get the chance to check them out!

Sincerely yours,