Cultural Events in Switzerland

A busy week is behind me with another one coming up, so today’s post will be short and sweet. Since I’ve not been able to travel around, I’d like to highlight some of the most interesting cultural events going on.

Zurich Kunsthaus: Edvard Munch

The Kunsthaus, the premier museum for art in Zurich, opened its exhibition on Edvard Munch, the famed Norwegian artist best known for his iconic painting “The Scream”. The exhibition runs through January 12, but with the weather in Switzerland turning grey and rainy, it might be the best time to check him out. With 150 piece by the expressionist, the Kunsthaus offers a great overview of his work. It is the first time the entire collection is shown to the public. Anyone interested in great art should check out the official website of the Kunsthaus and stop by the museum.

Theater im Pfauen Zurich: Alice in Wonderland

The play “Alice in Wonderland” (German: Alice im Wunderland) premieres this Friday at the Pfauen. Based on the novel Lewis Carroll, this play promises to be an intriguing rendition of the classic children’s book. After the premiere, the shows will be staged on various dates until January. The play is held in German. More information can be found on the website of the Schauspielhaus.

Historical Museum Bern: Terracotta Warriors

The Historical Museum in Bern has been showing the Terracotta warriors from the Chinese Qin dynasty since the middle of March. With November upon us, there are only 14 days left to see the exhibition with the life-sized figures from ancient China. The exhibition focuses on the foundation of the Chinese empire and offers a glimpse of times long past. With only a few days left to visit them, anyone with an interest in Ancient History should make their way to Berne. Information on Qin can be found here.

That’s it for this week. If you’d like to highlight any other events, please let me know!

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Three museums for (rainy) days

The weather in Switzerland is still terrible. It starting pouring down on Friday morning and continued to pour down throughout the weekend. On the bright side, it seemed as if today is the day summer starts to force its way into consciousness again. I’m really hoping the warm season will arrive soon. Due to the unfortunate weather and the fact that I have finals this week, I wasn’t able to seek out a spot in Switzerland and take pictures. So today, I’m keeping the post short and sweet while talking about three museums worth checking out if summer should be delayed further more.

Kunsthaus Zürich

The Kunsthaus is the premier art museum in the city and has welcomed some extraordinary exhibitions in the last years. They have included great artists as Monet (my favorite), Chagall and Gauguin. The museum also features large collections by Edward Munch and Alberto Giacometti. You can find an overview of its programme on their website. The future is also bright for the Kunsthaus, as the residents approved a credit for an annex to the museum. The new annex, which is scheduled to open in 2017, will allow the Kunsthaus to show more pieces from their extensive collection and the addition of the collection E.G Bührle will make it a leading spot for French Impressionism.

Located near the Old Town you can easily reach the museum by tram or foot.

Verkehrshaus Lucerne 

In the city of Lucerne in Central Switzerland you’ll find the Verkehrshaus, one of my favorite museums in Switzerland growing up. The English translation for Verkehrshaus is Museum of Transport. I haven’t visited the museum in a while, but the last time I visited their explanation of the construction of the Gotthard tunnel, which links the german-speaking part of Switzerland with the Ticino, left a lasting impression on me. With the new railroad tunnel to be finished in a few years, you should take your time to learn from its storied history and to marvel at this extraordinary feat of engineering. Other excellent pieces include their large collection of airplanes from times past and their planetarium, where you’ll be treated to a journey through space and time. As a visitor, you’re able to walk into these older planes or go on simulated ride taking you back to the time of the vehicles in question. You can reach the Verkehrshaus by bus or boat on the Lake Lucerne from the Lucerne main station.

Museum of Communication Bern

Another favorite from my formative years is the museum of communication located a few meters from my former high school. The great strength of this place are the interactive exhibitions highlighted by “As time goes byte”, a history of the computer and digital culture. The permanent exhibitions starts out with the first computers and flows through time ending with a glimpse into the hopefully not so distant future. Also worth a visit are the sections about the evolution of the post and telephone as well as the large stamp collection in the basement, which features most if not all stamps issued in Switzerland. As a former collector myself, seeing the stamps from the 19th century is a fascinating look into times long gone. Similar to the Verkehrshaus, most of his exhibitions are interactive, so children and adults alike have buttons to press, videos to watch and gadgets to try to out.

You can reach the museum of communication by taking a bus or a tram from the main station or on foot by taking a stroll past the federal palace and over the Kirchenfeld bridge.

Please note that most museums in Switzerland are closed on Mondays in Switzerland. I hope you can

That’s it for now, I’m back to studying. Feel free to share your tips for museums or exhibitions in Switzerland in the comment sections or by tweeting @AlbertGubler!

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