Manes – Part 3

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Abin and Kyrian had no idea what they were dealing with. They were held firmly in place by the creature’s gaze, sitting in their niche terrified and seemingly with no way out. The thing was losing its patience and let out another agonizing cry, which made the walls around tremble. Kyrian was waiting for his life to come its inevitable end. The Manes had taken him long before they should have. He glanced over to his companion, who by now was struggling to keep his last meal in. The creature attempted to get the two men to do something again, but it was no use. They couldn’t understand it. Angered by their refusal to comply with its wishes, the thing put in all its energy into a last high-pitched shriek.

Abin and Kyrian fell backwards and were bound to be caught by the cave walls, but to their dismay and surprise, the wall behind them had not been solid. They tumbled right through the veil and rolled down a steep decline, desperately trying to get a grip on a stone or rock. Bu they had no such luck. The floor was dark, smooth and shiny, similar to some of the stones the rich women wore as jewelry in the world so far away. But it also felt like a mattress, cushioning the impact of journey and preventing them from seriously injured themselves. After what might have been an eternity, the floor straightened out and the two falling men came to a halt.

They were sitting in a large, rectangular room. Torches with a dim, blue light illuminated the space, allowing them to look around. Abin pointed out the way they had entered and looked back for any sign of the creature. But it hadn’t followed them down the chute.

“It seems to be some kind of secret escape way. Where are we?”

Kyrian only shrugged and proceeded to examine their new surroundings. In the middle of room a perfect circle had been drawn with red color. He stood on the circle, but it showed no reaction.

“What was that?”

Abin was met with silence once again. No door was visible, but that didn’t startle them anymore. Doors seemed to be something which belonged firmly in the real world. Kyrian tried to pull one of the torches off the wall, but they didn’t budge. He then unsuccessfully tried turning them, hoping to uncover another hidden passage. He let out a sigh of frustration.

Suddenly, the red lines of the circle ignited, and the ground in the center dropped with a extreme velocity. Kyrian jumped to his feet and ran to the middle. Abin followed suit and they stared into the abyss, careful not to touch the burning lines. T¨hey heard a sound, first in the distance, but then approaching faster and faster. The floor was returning and it was returning quickly. They stumbled back just in time. The moment the platform had reached its destination, flames shot up to form a wall of fire, concealing the contents of the circle. Abin and Kyrian were temporarily blinded by its brightness and averted their eyes while the fire died down.

A soft and calm voice forced them to look to the circle again.

“You do not need to be frightened.”

A tall and slender woman was standing in the circle. Long, blond hair were bound together behind her head. Her face seemed youthful and Kyrian thought she would have to be around his age. But her eye-blue eyes sent a chill through him. They had seen things far beyond his experience. The lady was wearing a long white dress, which revealed no part of her skin. The sleeves reached her wrists and were joined by elegant white gloves. She wore no jewelry and the only extravagance in her get-up were her dark red lips.

“My name is Angelica. You should follow me.”


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