On top of the world

The next two weeks will feature a special summer series about my favorite city: New York. The town has inspired millions of people from around the world. I love its energy and diversity as well as the unique blend of old buildings and modern skyscrapers.

This year, I’m fortunate to be able to visit the city for the third time. Travelling with a friend, we spent our first day walking around and exploring downtown, starting from the financial district and working ourselves up to the village. The Sunday was then spent in mid-town at the traditional tourist attractions and at the lung of the city: the central park. Both ofus have been enjoying the warm weather, taking in the scents and scenes of a city so different from all the others.

My favorite tourist attraction in New York is the fabulous Rockefeller Center with its observation deck. Every time I visit the city, I take the 43-second elevator ride to the 82nd floor deck. There are three reasons why I prefer the Top of the Rock to the world-famous observation deck on the Empire State building. Firstly, the boundaries of the deck are glass and therefore transparent. Secondly, it is more spacious and accommodates fewer tourists, making it less crowded and easier to move around on deck. And thirdly, you are treated to a magnificent view of the beautiful Empire State building in all its glory.

To start off this series and end this post, I would have liked to show you the view that never fails to inspire me to follow my dreams: But unfortunately, due to technical problems with my laptop (it wasn’t able to read the SD card), I’ll have to upload the picture later!

Edit: Here is the promised picture with the Empire State taking center stage, and World Trade 1 and the Statue of Liberty barely visible in the background!


Foto: Darko Miodragovic

So, we’re off to do more exploring. See you soon!

Sincerely yours,