Welcome to my blog “An elusive hero”.

A few weeks ago I posted the first chapter in the story “An elusive hero”. Thank you to everyone who has read the piece and given me valuable feedback on how to improve it. I’m editing “Chapter 2” at the moment as I am not very enthralled with the quality of my writing so far. I promise to have it ready by the end of the week (more on this below).

During he last six weeks I have thought long and hard about the direction I want to take this blog in. I’ve been in love with writing fiction since playing the RPG “Gothic” at the age of 13. But I am also interested in a wide array of things including but not limited to literature, film, gaming and travel. My appreciation for the creative minds behind books and movies knows no bounds. And the sight of the beauty of nature and architecture seldom fail to take my breath away.  That is why I decided to combine my interests to share them with you. The last few weeks have been used to come up with a strict writing schedule. Without further ado, these are the segments I will be posting from tomorrow on.

Monday: Mountains… and more

Every Monday I will write about the most beautiful or interesting places I’ve visited recently. At first, you’ll hopefully learn something about the beautiful country I live in – Switzerland. Most people think Switzerland is defined by cheese, chocolate, mountains and watches. All of which are present in extraordinary quality all over the country. But Switzerland also has a rich history of defying authority and fierce independence. And the alps are not the only beautiful spots around. I’d like show you the less obvious facets of Swiss culture and nature.

Wednesday: Obsession of the week

This blog is here to share my thoughts and interests with the world and to give myself an outlet for my writing. So on Wednesdays, you’ll  find a post about a skill, game, book, movie or random object I’m obsessing about. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. The first post will be online tomorrow.

Friday: An elusive hero

I didn’t start this blog with a welcome post, but with the first chapter of a story which I’ve wanted to write for years. Slowly but surely it is coming together. You can follow the footsteps of our young hero finding his path in the world unknown to him every Friday starting this week with chapter 2.

So these will be the regular segments of my blog “An elusive hero” and I hope you will continue to read. If you think this interests you, please subscribe! Publishing this strict schedule will help me be accountable for missing out on any of the deadlines. I’m very grateful for any feedback you have on my writing and topics, so please connect with me by e-mail or on twitter @AlbertGubler !

See you tomorrow and sincerely yours,